Monday, March 18, 2013

Hello Family and Friends!

This week was so long but so good! But first...ya saben (you already know).

Impressions of Mexico!

1) So. Heavenly Father finally answered my prayers concerning the weather. We had three whole days of cold, cloudy, and rainy weather! It was glorious. I broke out my black, v-neck sweater for the second time in my mission and absolutely enjoyed my three days of walking around in the rain. It was a nice contrast to the usually searing sun and pure blue, cloud-less skies. 

2) This week we were walking to the chapel for a Priesthood Activity when a angry woman told us to stop because she wanted to talk to us (normal). She looked at me and asked me where I was from. I said from the United States. She then asked my companion where he was from. He said Mexico. She then looked at him and said, "You should not get mixed up with people like him." Then she looked at me in the eye and said, "I know what you are doing. You cannot fool me. You come here under the guise that you are a missionary for the church but you cannot fool me. You are a spy from the United States Government and you should just go back because you cannot fool me (not normal)." I just smiled and invited her to church that Sunday and we went our merry way.

3) Mexicans love their music. When they want to sing and listen to music. They SING and they LISTEN to music. Every house has those 10 piece stereos and they crank up the volume. Literally it looks like the houses are shaking sometimes the music is so loud.

4) When a business wants to publicize an event or product, the most common technique to market said product is: A) Pull out your car. B) Strap two large speakers on the top of said car. 3) Drive through the entire pueblo with an audio recording blasting from the car about the event or product.

5) There are more motorcycles than cars here. Literally I have seen a family of 4, with their groceries, and a stack of bricks, riding on the same motorcycle.

Just a few other impressions of the country that I love.

Well, this week was great for Elder Lopez and I. We have begun to find the rhythm when it comes to teaching, planning, and finding. He really is a great Elder and has such a strong desire to be here. He has a strong testimony as well. We talk a lot about spiritual experiences and where our testimonies are at. We are committed to supporting each other and helping each other grow spiritually during our time together. He is so serious though (more serious than me). So I have been trying to break him out of his shell and make him show a little emotion. Naturally then, I do things like nudge him while we are walking in the street, tell embarrassing stories about myself, and sing at the top of my lungs in public to the few Latin Music hits that I have memorized because they play them so often. It is working.

This last Monday I had a really sweet experience. I remembered that there was an elderly man in our ward named Hermano Oscar that had told us that has never had a Family Home Evening in his house before. He lives alone but is such a good member. Every time we enter his house he has his scriptures and church manuals out on his table, open, with his highlighters and pencils. He loves to study and has such a strong testimony. This last Monday we decided to surprise him. We went to his house, knocked on the door, and told him that we were there to have his first Family Home Evening. His face brightened up and he got so excited! We sang, taught a little about the Book of Mormon, challenged him to begin reading it again, and then watched the animated Book of Mormon DVD with Nephi and the Brass Plates. Leaving his house that night I felt so good. It really does feel so good to serve people and go out of your way to help them feel good and loved.

I love this gospel. The Lord has blessed us with new investigators this week and with chances to love and serve the members of the branch. I know that my Savior lives and that he love me very much. Every time I think about what he has done for me. The sacrifice he made for me. I start to cry. Because it is perfect. If I rely on him. If I truly rely on him and give everything I have. Then it is enough. My goal is to love and serve; love and serve; love and serve; and love and serve some more. Every day I can see myself changing little by little. That truly is the most beautiful thing about life. The ability to change. The ability to repent. And the ability to start over again. God lives and he loves us. Go to him and you will find what you are truly looking for.

Thank you for your letters, cards, and thoughts that you leave with me. I love reading them and they truly help me so much. I pray for you all and love you all very much.

Elder Nielsen

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