Monday, October 14, 2013

My convert Gemma trying to hurt me!  She did
not want me to leave!

Jorge!  A really good friend in the branch.

Another family that I love, the Celon Guzman

I love these guys.  Hermana Gomar and
her son Nestor (our branch mission leader)

The baptism of the Citalan Vazquez

The baptism of Guillermo!

I love this kid!  His name is Jesus and he is crazy
and the most sassy child I have ever met.  He is the
child of Jaime and Gemma, my converts
in Yautepec.

Our funny Relief Society President that I love a lot
in Yautepec.  Hermana Gomar.

Our chapel in Yautepec!

The town square!  Notice the Independence
day decorations!

This is a combi.  This is what we used for travel.

The center of Yautepec

Goats on a hillside in Yautepec!

Me arguing with Sister Pech.  Common!

Me in front of the room where I had my
district meeting!

This is the chapel where we had our district
meetings in Cuautla.  It is the oldest chapel in
Cuautla and was dedicated by
President David O. McKay.

This place is called "Los Arcos" in Yautepec. 
Here we would get on the combi that would take
us back and forth from Yautepec to Cuautla.
We were here a lot!

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