Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hello Family and Friends!
Well today I turn 20 years old! And I will be celebrating it by eating Subway (fine dining), picking up a piece of cake next door, and then picking up the new sister missionaries that are going to be in my district! Actually something funny happened this morning. We were in the middle of our personal study and our cellphone rang. It was President Kusch. He and Sister Kusch sang me Happy Birthday which was cute. Thank you for all of your letters!

Impressions of Mexico:

1) There is only one company that provides gas for cars here in Mexico called PEMEX. I like it. It is sort of old fashioned. You drive up in your car and there are servicemen that do everything for you (fill up the tank, clean the windows, etc.)

2) The weather here is now officially wacky. Everyday. From the moment we wake up. It is so, but, so hot. Until about 6:30 at night. When, out of nowhere, in comes the dark, black, threatening clouds. It begins to rain. With loud cracking lightening and thunder. This has been a daily event for about 2 weeks now.

3) This week we had a mission conference in Acapulco with Donald Hallstrom of the Presidency of the Seventy. Oh Acapulco. I am almost positive that the humidity level was about 100%. We left the chapel and literally I was bathing in my sweat (graphic, but you get the idea). I have 0 desires to return again to that city in the month of May.
So this week are the transfers and Elder Lopez and I will be staying together for a third transfer here in Lomas del Real. My district is going to be small (there are six of us in total). 4 Elders, and 2 Sisters. And I am the only white boy. I am so excited!

During our mission conference, Sister Hallstrom was talking about the need we have to always be pointing our eyes, our desires, and our faces towards the Lord. She brought up the story of Peter walking on water (my favorite) from the Bible. She said that she imagined that when Peter accepted the invitation of the Lord to follow him, that he began with so much hope and faith, but, more importantly, that his eyes were fixed on those of the Savior. But then, the scriptures say, the winds and the waves (trials, temptations, problems) began to be boisterous and the attention of Peter turned away from the Lord. This is the moment when he began to sink. Realizing immediately that the cause of his fall was because he had taken his mind and sight off of the Lord, he immediately cries, "Lord, save me" and immediately the Savior stretched forth his hand to rescue him. I hope that this helps someone because it helped me so much.
I love you all so much. I know that what I am doing is right. This week the Lord blessed our companionship with new investigators that have accepted the challenge to be baptized and we are so excited to work with them and see their faith grow. I cannot think of anything more rewarding that I can be doing with my life. Life is hard. Sometimes we feel inadequate or not fit for the task at hand. Sometimes we do not think that we are good enough. What I have learned is that when we are obedient and when we love with all our hearts those that are around us, then we are good enough. God and the Savior love us so much, and because they do, they are constantly giving us hurdles, chances to change, and chances to be just a little more upright. There are so many in this world that have no hope. They do not feel loved. I find myself now literally sad when people reject our message because I know what it could do for them. Through this gospel I have become rooted. I know that I am a son of God. I know that he loves me. I know that Christ lives and is the Savior of mankind. There is so much healing, happiness, and peace to be found if we are striving to be pure, obedient, and loving.

I promise you that if we trust in the timing of the Lord, that he will bless us. Every promise will be fulfilled. I know, that the Atonement of Christ is real. It is through this Atonement that I have hope to be better. To change. To become more and more like my Savior each and every day. I will ever be grateful for the opportunity my Heavenly Father has given me to be a missionary and a minister to his children here in Mexico. I love them so much.
Elder Nielsen

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